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Joseph ("Jody") Moore 
Owner / Editor - JodyMo Digital
Videographer/Editor - DHMVP

With over 30 years experience as a musician, producer, & audio engineer as well as 12+ years as an IT Network professional, Jody brings both creative & technical skills to the A/V production arena. His primary focus is on video & audio production, editing and web integration.
Dr. Dudley Harris, Owner
Dudley Harris Medical Video Productions
Dr. Harris established and grew a highly successful ophthalmology practice over the past 40 years. A visionary, as well as an exceptional photographer, potter and businessman, Dr. Harris adds significant value to medical practices by producing & directing videos of doctors available via their websites.
About JodyMo Digital
JodyMo Digital is privately-owned and operated right here in San Antonio, TX. Other companies may offer similar services, but we specialize in providing superior results to smaller businesses with high expectations --- despite limited budgets. 

JodyMo Digital is closely-associated with Dudley Harris Medical Video Productions, performing the services required to effectively shoot, edit and master the video & audio of DHMVP's medical-oriented web productions. Additional services not associated with medical productions include audio & video productions for other corporate & musical entities, for both training & entertainment.
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